Poker Player magazine Special Issue: Irish Open 2015

Welcome to the first of many Poker Player magazine specials

One of the big advantages of being digital is that we can put out extra issues to celebrate big events. And the Irish Open deserves its spot. As well as being the longest running tournament in Europe, we can thank its creator – bookie Terry Rogers – for bringing no-limit hold’em to these shores. He’d love to see how his baby has grown into one of the biggest dates on the global poker calendar.

In this issue you’ll find everything you need to know about the 2015 Irish Open. We’ve got the latest news, details of how to qualify online and satellite strategy that could see you challenging for the trophy in Dublin. We’ve also got an exclusive promotion that could see you playing it for free! Click here to play it.

We’ll be updating this special issue between now and Easter weekend to make sure it’s packed with the very latest information – keep an eye out for our push notifications.

I hope you enjoy it – and if you’re thinking of playing the Irish Open, I hope you win it all… Good luck!

Dave Woods, Editor, PokerPlayer

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All the latest news and qualifying information from one of the biggest and best dates on the poker calendar.


Satellite strategy

Exclusive freeroll - win your seat for free!

History of the Irish Open 

Top 10 things to do in Dublin

The best videos from the Irish Open

And much more!

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