Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson

Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson talks about his famous Bankroll Challenge

What can people expect to get out of this bankroll challenge if they follow your rules?

$ 10k and much more! They can get a comprehensive poker education.

Do you think the rules you impose, such as the 5% bankroll exposure, actually improve your game in the long-term?

Absolutely, because they prevent you from getting ahead of yourself. The best part of it is that the rules really motivate you to play well.

Is the 5% rule one that you’ve always followed?

No, I didn’t have a 5% rule when I first started playing. I was never really a pro poker player and it wasn’t anything I was doing full-time at any point in my life. I already had a big bankroll though, so it’s probably true I never bought in for more than 5%. The other thing is that I had a steady income, so I didn’t feel like I had to manage my gambling money nearly as well back then.

Can players at all levels replicate the challenge?

Absolutely anyone can replicate the challenge, but to me it’s really meant for beginners. For those who already have a bankroll, it’s much more the bankroll management challenge aspect you should follow. I just can’t stress how important it is to never ever under any circumstances break the 5% rule. All the strength of my system is in that golden rule.

Did you enjoy it? It must have been dejecting to repeatedly build up your bankroll and then lose it?

Yes, it was dejecting at times, but I did enjoy the challenge. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and there were certainly many hard times when I built it up and still went broke, but the challenge kept me going.

Would you say that cash games are a poker player’s bread and butter, and tournaments more about the glory of the game?

Yes, that’s another thing I learnt – that you should play cash games if you want to make money. If you’re there to earn a living, cash games are the way to do it. You can’t grind in tournaments and they’re brutal on the bankroll.

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