7 Things That Most Poker Players Should Stop Doing

Of the many games found both in a real casino and online, Poker still holds the title of being the most popular for a lot of people. This game draws a lot of players – newbies and experts alike – because it is fun and it gives you a chance to socialize with other people. The goal of poker is simply to win the most money. That is the probably the reason why poker is also seen as a good game to play among friends as it is competitive, thrilling, and exciting.

But to become a better poker player, you must bid goodbye to habits that newbies usually tend to commit. There is more to it than being able to bluff. Today, we will provide you with a list of things that most poker players should stop doing now. We hope that by the end of this article, you can tell which habits you are guilty of doing and make a decision never to do it again.

1. Being Scaredy-Cat

Some people who have just started playing poker tend to play without an ounce of fear. But many play as if their life depends on it. Their fear comes from entertaining the idea that they might commit a mistake or that they might lose. So, what happens next is they will eventually fold until such time they know that their hand is unbeatable. Do not be this type of player. Go, have fun and trust you instinct. Being too scared will eventually turn into overthinking and assuming that someone who plays aggressively could probably have an unbeatable hand, which is not always true. Learn to trust your gut.

2. Letting a Bad Day Ruin Your Game

We all have those days when everything just does not work the way we expect them to. Your emotions can definitely affect the way how your decisions are made. If you focus on that bad feeling, you can make actions that would cost you money like making very desperate moves, chasing your losses, and many more. Do not think like a beginner. Beginners have the habit of making hasty decisions based on their emotions, not on information. If you are in a bad mood, or your day is just too much for you, step away from the table, and have a break. Clear your mind and go back only until you are sure you can make rational decisions.

3. Bluffing Too Often

Many beginners think that poker is simple and it is all about how you bluff. Sure it is rewarding to bluff other people out of a pot. But you should learn how not to bluff too much and too often. Bluffing too much can make you easily readable by other players. In simpler terms, you become predictable, and you would never want that. Make them buy your bluffs by making it believable. How do you make a bluff believable? By bluffing just enough and by making it seem like it is not an act of random aggression.

4. Playing More than What You Have

Poker is a fun game. It can easily take your mind off from things that bother you. But you must make sure to manage your bankroll wisely. Beginners tend to play a lot even if they are losing. Even the best poker players can encounter a losing streak. One must always play within your means unless you wish to burn through all your money and then eventually go broke. We do not want that. Set your limit for a game. If you hit it – winning or losing – wrap up and call it a night. Do not get tempted to spend more money that what you actually have. It is not healthy for you and your wallet, trust me.

Chips and cash

5. Being Too Committed to a Hand

Poker is definitely competitive in nature and most people think that if you give up, everyone will look down on you as if it is a bad thing to do. This is not true. Of course, like most games, poker is a game where you should not always play passively. You should never get too emotionally committed to a hand just because you do not want to get bluffed out of a pot or you do not want others to see you as a weak player. Unfortunately, by constantly calling bets, it will be too late for you to know how you stand in the hand.

6. Imitating Someone Else

For sure you know someone who has learned to play poker just by watching other people play poker. They tend to imitate someone else or mimic how people on international television play the game. This, of course, is not the way we would recommend you to play poker. Mimicking a poor player will result to mimicking also their bad actions and habits. To be able to become a better poker player, you must not imitate but you must understand the complications of the game. No one succeeds at poker, and any other game, by imitation. The internet has afforded us to play online games without the hassle of going to a real casino in your town. You can play your favorite games just by turning on your laptop. If you want to play Blackjack in Canada, or any of your other favorite games, you only need to visit an online casino site and you are good to go!

7. Believing In Superstitions

Gambling is all about luck and how you deal with the random. Beginners tend to blame their misfortune to a certain event that happened or a thing they bought or saw before the game. Some people have a lot of superstitions not only in poker. To become a more skilled poker player, you must learn to stop believing in these superstitions that do not bear any weight in how you play the game. No, you do not have to wear a specific color of shirt to win a game.

These are just some of the habits every player must stop doing to become a better poker player. Do you wish to add more? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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