How to win big at online slots

You may think you already know several ways how to win at casino slot games, but here are some which have a proven track record.

Choose a high payout rate casino

Always opt for those casinos that pay better than others. Seems obvious but the higher the payout percentage the more money you win. Also, your winning chance increases on such slot machines which are known as the ‘payback’ rate, and more than 90 percent rate is good.

Decide Max Bet or Not

It is a known fact some slot machines pay better if max bet is played like if you hit on three-line reel a line of top-paying symbols then there’s chance of winning and this can be like 1,000 credits on play 1 credit per line. It may rise to even 10,000 if you opt for max credits per line.

Think over Bonus is Good or not

Free casino bonuses are usually offered as the casino tries match the initial deposit that you have made. This mean you will start playing with $200 if your deposit is $100. Some casinos even go up to 400% bonuses.  And of course you need to play with the money and not run away with the cash.

Remember, bonuses are good if you are playing jackpot games as the chances of winning there are more.

However, also remember that such attractive bonuses are not good if you hit a $200 win playing slots with the intention of cashing out straight away as you also need to complete a play-through.

Opt for Pay Out casinos

In the UK and Canada it is not of a problem as getting payouts are usual, but in the US it is a point of concern.

Also, remember the first time cash out is a bit lengthy process as identity check undergoes due to security reasons. Moreover, even win of big jackpot you need to take away the winning prize in instalments.

Most of the casinos in the US have set the instalments as $2500 per week. Do check this as it may vary from casino to casino. There are casinos even with $500 limit per week. Similar concept also works with casino online.

Do share your tips too how to win casino slot games with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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