Master Classics of Poker reaches its climax

Although the game of poker has many prestigious tournaments taking place around the world throughout the year, one of Europe’s top poker tournaments in undoubtedly the Master Classics of Poker.

This annual event has been taking place in the Holland Casino in Amsterdam since its inception in 1992, and it manages to attract many top international players due to its competitive playing format, lucrative prize winnings and spectacular tourist attractions.

The No Limit Hold’em main event has provided fascinating viewing for many spectators in recent years, with Ruben Visser of the Netherlands gaining a commanding victory and EUR 306, 821 in prize winnings over David Boyaciyan in 2014. The competition cemented its reputation on the world poker stage through the sheer quality of the playing as well as the impressive EUR 3 million in prize money.

This year, the Master Classics of Poker is already well-underway having begun on 13 November with over a week’s worth of top-class poker entertainment. It is already thought to be the most lucrative competition in the event’s history and signals the rise of poker competitions in line with the phenomenal growth of online casinos.

Already there has been a huge rise in sites like Lucky Nugget Casino that have gained international popularity with over 400 casino games that provide an authentic gaming experience for those looking to take it to the next level. Many players in this year’s tournament have already shown phenomenal skill that could only be achieved by many dedicated hours spent at the gaming table.



Key amongst the successes so far has been the spectacular win for Daniel Carter in the 8 Max Texas Hold’em No Limit EUR 700 Freeze-out that saw him pick up a very handy EUR 18,384 through his skill at the poker table. Monday night also saw some top-class poker entertainment with the likes of Tobias Peters taking EUR 19,827 during a frenetic and highly-entertaining game of Speed Texas Hold’em.

The opening day saw over 100 participants take advantage of the EUR 300 buy-in fee to compete in the initial game of Speed Texas Hold’Em. As expected, it was a largely Dutch contingent of players taking part, and in the end Sander van Wesemael claimed a clear victory by picking up an impressive EUR 12,419 payout.

But as the competition comes to its closing stages, it looks like this prestigious tournament in Amsterdam will only get more competitive as the gaming stakes get higher.

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