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Head over to the online roulette table at the All Jackpots casino and select any of the exciting game variations for free gaming fun or real money gambling excitement. All Jackpots casino features a wide selection of roulette options including a Gold Series Roulette where you play with the top graphics and authentic roulette table audio effects.

Regardless of whether you want to play the old-fashioned version of classic roulette or a move interactive game with multiple wheels, multiple players, double zero pockets or revised paytables, you’ll find what you’re looking for at All Jackpots casino online.

Why Roulette?

For many people the game of roulette epitomizes what casino gambling is all about. Roulette was one of the first games to be featured at Europe’s French Riviera casinos and has been a long-time favourite at the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Roulette means “little wheel” in French. It evolved from the efforts of French physicist Blaise Pascal’s 17th century efforts to invent a perpetual motion machine. Pascal’s work towards creating a machine that would work perpetually, propelled by its own activity, failed. Yet others saw the potential in his work and from that the game of roulette was born.

People play roulette for many reasons. First of all, it’s fun. But there are different elements involved in roulette besides luck – game success involves odds, house edges, statistics and a good dose of gaming savvy and strategy. That’s a big draw for many players who appreciate the fact that winning at roulette involves more than the day’s horoscope and predictions for good fortune.

How to Play

Before you sign into All Jackpots Casino to play roulette you might want to take a few minutes to check out roulette basics, some playing options and ideas about how to achieve the highest level of successes at your game.

Playing roulette involves tossing a ball into a spinning wheel. The wheel has pockets – 36 on a European roulette wheel and 37 on an American roulette wheel. Based on your prediction and wager on where the ball might land you can collect winning payouts. There are Outside bets that involve large groupings of pocket alternatives (such as the colour of the pocket into where the ball might land or whether the pocket Is numbered as an odds or evens pocket choice. There are also riskier inside bets that are more specific about the pocket where the ball might end up – these inside bets pay out more but are harder to achieve.


The single zero pocket is characteristic of the European roulette wheel while the addition of a second zero pocket – the double zero – defines the American roulette game. Players should know that statistically, the house edge increases with a double zero wheel, meaning that your best chances of achieving wins are with a single zero wheel.

Roulette Options

All jackpots offers the biggest selection of roulette options. Some of the most popular roulette games at All Jackpots casino include

European Roulette is a single-zero pocket wheel, as opposed to a double-zero wheel. This increases the mathematical probability of any particular pocket win from one out of 38 to 1 out of 37.

American Roulette has both single zero and double zero pockets so there are 38 potential winning roulette numbers in this roulette variation, making it the most challenging roulette option.French Roulette has a single-zero pocket plus the La Partage rule. With the partage rule you receive half of your money back if you lose an even-money bet if the ball lands in the 0 pocket.

Gold Series online roulette games involve regular European and French wheels but with enhanced computer graphics and sounds. There’s a more realistic simulation of an actual roulette casino in these Gold Series games.

Roulette Royale offers the possibility of a Bonus Bet. You can realize a Bonus payout if your spin results in the same number hitting two, three, or four times in a row. If your spin results in 5x hit you achieve the Progressive Jackpot that is comprised of thousands of dollars from all of the participating players whose machines are linked to yours. Progressive jackpots can reach thousands of dollars.

Additional online casino roulette options include Premier roulette with high betting limits, multi-wheel roulette, multi-player roulette and, for Instant Casino gamers, Flash Roulette.

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