Poker games and variants

Many people out there still do not realise just how many variations of ‘poker’ there actually are, and many still associate the game with probably its most popular variation and that is Texas Hold’em, but we are far luckier than that as the game of poker has a far broader sense enjoying over a hundred different game variations.

Such diversity in the rules of this iconic game is what helps to make poker so popular throughout the world. To enjoy the game there is no need to know all of the many variations but it’s always good to check some out in case there is a time when you get bored or simply feel like a change.

Nowadays online casinos offer their users a broad range of games with sites in competition with each other to pull in new players. Mobile usage has also increased and it is reported that the percentage of players using their mobile devices to play their favourite game is now greater than those that use their computers.

Online sites cater for all types of players and if you source then use a site to play online bingo at Swanky Bingo for example, you can expect games that have those variations we have mentioned plus the chance to grab some great promotional offers and bonuses in a safe, fun and secure environment.

Online casinos offer variations in most games including the classics like roulette and blackjack, craps and baccarat, with some even being offered as live games via a real casino and carried out in real time with a real dealer, just check out the online sites on offer in order to make your site selection, perhaps using one of the trusted online casino comparison sites.

Here we are going name some of poker game variations on offer if you are not sure which variation to choose.

  • Texas Hold’em Poker has increased in popularity over the last few decades and is now the main poker game in almost all of the land based casinos and poker rooms all over the world and that includes online poker. This popularity can be attributed mainly to the online poker tournaments which have Texas Hold’em as the main poker game
  • Five Card Stud Poker used to be the most popular form of the game in the US and was played by celebrities and presidents alike. Now this variation is not as popular although it can be found in some online poker rooms and is still enjoyed in home games.
  • Seven Card Stud Poker is the most common form of Stud poker and also, at one time, used to top the charts in the US. Although the game is not as popular as Texas Hold’em its still pretty popular, especially on the East Coast.
  • Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo (8 or Better) is a version of the 7 Card Stud game and belongs to the split pot type of poker where the best hand takes a half of the bank and the lowest takes the other half.
  • Omaha Poker is another very popular poker game and is mostly played in Europe and the North of America. With rules that are very similar to Texas Hold’em rules, in fact there is only one difference and that is instead of two hole cards, each player will get four, this game has significant differences to Texas Hold’em games because of that.
  • HORSE Poker is a variation of the game which contains several different poker game variations and they are: H- Texas Hold’em, O-Omaha Hi-Lo, R-Razz, S-Seven Card Stud, E-Seven Card Stud Eight or Better.

There are many, many more poker game variations that you can choose from and checking them out is well worth some of your time to find the game that is perfect for you.

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