The Weirdness of a ‘Positive Tilt’

Have you ever been in the position of winning a hand without really deserving to win it? No?..Well join the group of those that deserve everything they get!

Speaking more seriously though, if you are one of those poker players that is a thinker, who knows a few things about the game then you will readily understand and then consequently accept that we all can lose pots that when all said and done we should have won, and then at other times the flip side of the coin applies and we win when really we should have lost.

Sometimes we play our hands poorly and still win, even when we try most of the times to have the best of it and only risk our precious chips when we think we have the best opportunity of a win. We can play our hands well and still end up in an unfavourable position which we should really lose but we still go on to win.

Do these type of wins affect us when we win a hand that we simply know we should have lost – does it affect us mentally and how do we handle ourselves when moving forward, or winning poker generally?

We can read the thoughts and reviews from both experts and novices about their experiences at the poker tables whether they are online or bricks and mortar poker rooms or an online site, much like we can read reviews about casinos and bingo site recommendations like a Moon Bingo review or a Sky Vegas casino. What is certain that until you have experienced something yourself you have to rely on the professionals for their insight and advice.

Another way that you can learn how to handle and then adjust to unplanned wins or loses is by talking with other players. Sure the poker rooms are far more intense than a bingo room but it really does depend on how the individual takes pressure of any kind and this is where the social side of bingo rooms comes into force as you can ask fellow roomies or moderators for their input, help or advice.

Other games like poker have player forums that can be a great source of information, especially for the less experienced of players if they are having issues coming to terms with either a win or a loss they perceive as not being earned.

Rest assured though, even the most experienced of players still have those times where they are blown away by a win or loss that they consider as un-earned.

Take Gordon Vayo’s lucky hand for example.

There was some interesting commentary from the 2016 World Series of Poker which featured the last days of the WSOP main event. The one common theme brought up by nearly all of the nine players who made it through the 6,737 player field was that how the card tended to go their way during their tournament runs. It seems that the slow running depth of the structure favours the more skilled players.

Gordon Vayo was sitting in third place and had gone through what can only be described as an emotionally challenging last two days of play which included winning a preflop all-in versus Jonas Lauck on Day 6 and on the last level when there were just under forty players left.

This dramatic win had Vayo saying that even two days after, that same poker hand was still on his mind.

Vayo reportedly said:

  • ‘I still am just completely floating from the ace-king against aces hand from two days ago. I still can’t believe I won the hand.’ When I won the ace-king versus aces, I was a complete basket case, I was just completely shook by the whole…I don’t even know….somebody described it as ‘positive tilt.’ And I think that was a really apt descriptions, I couldn’t even think clearly.’

 Although this is a pretty extreme example it is also a pretty common experience amongst other poker players. Because you are involved in a game where you should know whether you have a good shot or not and then win when you least expect it creates a type of strange disruption in your own ability to process the information and then move forward.

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