Tips for Making a Smooth Transition

If you decide to take your poker game online there are a few really good tips to consider before joining in any high stake games.

The list below should help anyone who is making that choice with the increasing popularity of online poker. This jump to the online side of the game has a lot to do with the intensive media coverage of the high stakes poker tournaments now available to follow, and masses of players do just that.

So let’s have a look at a few tips that should help your transition.

Tip 1

Even if you are used to playing in high stakes games, begin playing online with lower stakes so you become more familiar with the nuances of playing poker online versus playing at a bricks and mortar venue where you can observe the body language of your opponents and capitalize on that.

If you are a novice poker player starting with lower stakes also makes a great deal of sense as it will cause you less stress when you lose a session and will ultimately allow you to focus on your game play.

Remember too that playing online at sites like spin palace compared to playing live that you are completely anonymous as are your opponents which can make the sessions more difficult. Competition can be fierce, so progressing through the stakes makes a lot of sense and will enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Tip 2

We touched a little in tip 1 of how different the game is online compared to live with some of the aspects of online poker being completely unique. Using the time bank feature can create a certain amount of stress (especially for the novice player) when players are used to having a few minutes of grace before having the clock called.

Betting features and the layout of the screen should also be studied alongside the lobby. A wise online poker player will take time familiarising themselves with the cashiers page and the offers and bonuses that any particular site is offering.

One other thing to mention here is the large number of hands that will be played each hour and this can take a lot of getting used to, especially for those who are new to the game, and these larger numbers will need a bit of getting used to, especially for the novice poker player.

Tip 3

As with any game of poker whether it’s online or live being able to concentrate on the game is vital and it’s a good idea to create a distraction free zone if you are playing online. Distractions such as surfing the web, chatting on the phone, watching TV alongside a multitude of others can cause a player to make mistakes in the game, either by playing poorly or missing out on some information that could have helped them in future games.

Being professional is important and having a professional attitude required if you are going to be successful. Constructing that poker zone is not a difficult thing to do unless you are sharing your computer with other people. Remember you can be as serious as you would like to be but if you do not take the game very seriously you are hindering your chances of becoming one of the great online poker players.

Tip 4

Once you have made an ideal environment for your poker games you might also begin to think about upgrading your hardware and that includes having a desk and ergonomically designed chair to use whilst playing. Once you have become used to playing online you might also like to change your monitor to one that is larger and boasts high resolution, not only for the enjoyment but also as it can help to reduce eye strain and helps you when you are playing multi-hands of poker.

Other things that will ease you into playing online poker are those things that we take for granted like having a restroom close by, a refrigerator for cool drinks and snacks, a playlist of favourite songs and any other thing that will enhance your time spent online including lucky tokens.

Playing in a room which does not please you will ultimately have an effect on your game so it is common sense to create the environment that suits you the best.

Tip 5

Once you have your ideal environment and the hardware you like then it’s time to look at the software you are using. Some players are actually against making use of software to help their game, but as long as it is allowed by the site there really is no problem, and it is a tool that is available to everyone.

Using features that are already available on the poker site is a good start, like the note taking function which can be a really useful tool if you come across the same opponent on a regular basis. Many poker sites also offer the ability to use colour code players which can help you develop a system which identifies the strength of each player you come across regularly.

Software is available to buy and can help a great deal when you are beginning to start playing in tournaments for example, but remember too that there is free software out there that is well worth taking a look at. There is software for replaying games, calculators and push/fold charts just for starters.

Once you have all of the above in place you will not only feel the part but you will be able to further your game and ultimately the success that you enjoy and soon will be able to move to multi-tabling with software again assisting you down the road. Challenges there may be but the journey from live poker to online poker can also be one of the most entertaining.

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