Two Completely Different Ways to Play Poker Online

When we say Online Poker you will normally visualise the usual picture – avatars gathering around a virtual green felt table, engaged in an exciting game of Texas Hold’em, or any other game of your choice. But there are many different ways in which poker – or games based on it – can be played on the internet. Some of them playful, others with the potential to generate revenues for their players, each one is a homage paid to the most popular card game in history.

Here are some of the games that might not be poker, but they are similar enough to keep you entertained.


One of our childhood favourites, Yahtzee, is a popular two player dice game that can be played virtually anywhere – all you need is five dice, a flat surface and something to write with. Created in the 1940’s, Yahtzee is loosely based on five card draw. Players roll the dice up to three times in each round and set them aside in various combinations to complete the ones on the scoring table. Half of the combinations on the table are inspired by poker – namely hands from three of a kind to Yahtzee (five of a kind, a combination that can appear in poker when jokers are used).

Yahtzee is offered by gaming portals online, as native smartphone apps, as standalone games on PC and even consoles, not to mention that it is included in most board game simulators I have seen. It is a game that’s simple to learn, and it is also a lot of fun – possibly the most entertaining poker based game I have ever played.

Video poker

Another “gamified” version of poker. Basically, it is the single player version of Five Card Draw, with the wins being paid out based on hand value according to a pay table. Video poker is among the most popular games you can find at the All Slots Casino. It is also considered one of the most profitable games at All Slots, even if it involves a major element of chance. Besides video poker, the All Slots offers its players other varieties of casino poker – like Caribbean Hold’em, which is (again, loosely) based on Texas Hold’em – and many other games, including card and table games, casual titles and even arcade games. With the added appeal of some of the best specials and promotions, All Slots is an attractive destination for players all over the world.

Video poker is not considered poker at all by many, although it is one of the most faithful replicas of the real thing ever invented. It is a game both entertaining and possibly profitable, provided Lady Luck smiles on the player while there.

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