When slots players hit the poker room

There are several gambling sites that combine casino games with a sportsbook, bingo and poker room. It is well known that players in the casino on these sites spill into the poker room where they become easy prey to skilled players. On sites such as APNET, which guides Swedish casino players to the best games and bonuses, players are introduced to gambling sites with casino games and real poker games. But who are the slots players that suddenly decide to play poker in real games?

Today’s slot players don’t fit the stereotype

You might imagine the video slots enthusiast as someone with little brain and not too much ambition in life. It makes sense that this individual isn’t clever enough to realize that video poker games are not the same as cash games or tournaments in a poker room. But this is not reality. In fact, a study has shown that the most common profile of a slot player is a female who owns a house, is between ages 55 and 60 and has some sort of college education.

While online players might be a bit younger this study certainly shows that people who love to play slots aren’t stupid and are certainly not poor. This means that they have the means to get going at the poker tables and they have the brains to get better at it.

A typical slots player won’t stay fish for long

The true definition of fish in poker is someone who is a poor player yet continues to play. Slots players rarely fit this profile. They might play a few games in the poker room but if they notice that they are only losing money on the games they will quickly move back to the casino and the games that they truly enjoy.

If the slots player realizes that he or she needs to learn more strategy to make it at the poker tables, he or she is already a fish in transition. So how can you catch a juicy slots player fresh from the reels in the casino?

Pick the right tables

If your goal is to eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner you might want to stay alert and catch the slots players sailing into the poker room while they are still fish. It might just be a matter of a few games where you will have the upper hand.

One way to see if someone is a slots player is to check the nickname used. Casino players don’t use the same type of nicks as poker players. Expect a name and an initial such as Mohammed E., Sara P and so on. These are very common casino nicknames. Visit an online casino and have a look at what the players call themselves and then compare to the nicks in the poker room that you play in. This should give you a better chance of discerning the slots players as they hit the poker tables for a short lived career you might benefit from.

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