Poker Night Live

It's late night entertainment, but also a great teaching tool for poker players

You’ve probably surfed past it while looking for poker to watch on the TV in the UK. It’s on Pokerzone and can be found every night from 10pm at SKY TV channel 843, it’s Poker Night Live.

At first glance it really doesn’t hold your attention however the truth is this seemingly low-tech show a very valuable coaching tool for players of all abilities and experience.

It features internet poker broadcast on delay with all the hole cards visible to the viewer, and commentary from poker experts. Even our very own Rick Dacey, News Editor of the magazine has been on the show.

Other pundits who take part include some of Britain’s finest poker pros, including "Dr" Tom Sambrook, Caspar Berry, Malcolm "the rock" Harwood, Nick Wealthall, Kevin O’Connell, Mark Banin, James Browning and many more.

Whether you are a novice player just starting out, wrestling with the hand rankings; or an expert craving more info on pot odds before your next trip to Vegas, Poker Night Live will improve your game, simply by watching the hands unfold and listening to the expert commentary.

The pace is also much faster than other more glitzy poker shows, which means more hands are played and the volume of information available to the viewer is that much greater, and so the capacity for learning increased.

The formula, while simple, has some great advantages for players. For a start it allows anyone and everyone to get involved in live TV poker, then watch it back and see where you went wrong (or right). In addition, it gives you the chance to get your game analysed by a team of commentators, including PokerPlayer contributors Matt Broughton and Nick Wealthall.

We like this show so much it won best Poker TV Programme at the 2006 UK Gambling Awards. It was the first to broadcast live internet poker played by ordinary punters in the comfort of their own homes. There are now imitators out there, but this show was the original innovator.

Sam Orams is the show’s Creative Director and he puts it’s success and popularity down to the programme’s simplicity: “from an interactive and entertainment perspective it has a great deal to with not over egging the pudding. In the land of high technology, simplicity is king. Poker Night Live has always shied away form high-octane multi-million pound pots in favour of UK players, sitting at home on their P.C.s playing night after night.”

But don’t take his or our word for it, tune in and soak up the knowledge and see the standard of your poker improve.

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