HillyTheFish’s Home Games 2

Bigger, better, wetter! Play your cards right and Steve Hill could be coming to your house with up to $10,000 to be won

From Vegas to Vilnius, the Bahamas to Birmingham, I have toured the world playing poker for millions of pounds. All very well, but the greatest time I ever had was meeting my public in the inaugural HillyTheFish’s Home Games, which took me to just about every point of the compass, namely the cultural hotspots of Ramsbottom, Ipswich, Gravesend, Exeter, Heanor and Carlisle. Travel broadens the mind, so they say, and I now consider myself a seasoned connoisseur of provincial three-star hotels.

Why am I telling you this? Due to popular demand, HillyTheFish’s Home Games is back: bigger and better than before. In association with 888poker.com, I will again be touring this green and pleasant land, armed with cards, chips, cash and the spoils of the local Bargain Booze. Maybe even some crisps.

I, HillyTheFish, being of sound mind, am inviting myself into your homes, to play poker, eat your food, drink your beer and terrorise your friends and family. Due to a couple of unsavoury incidents on the previous tour, I will this time be accompanied by a faithful manservant from the magazine, so we can all pretend to be great mates.

If you live in some remote part of the British Isles and would like to massively inconvenience me, sign up to 888 Poker and enter the monthly freerolls. Running for six issues, the winner of each will get me in their house, with the respective victors of the home games then coming to that London to play six-handed for a massive cash prize. There will also be various spot prizes on the night, and an overall commendation for best hospitality (with the caveat that nobody touches me or looks me in the eye). Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the return of the hack. Lock up your fridges! The Fish is coming…


THIS MONTH: April 7, 8pm
PASSWORD: found in the April issue of PokerPlayer magazine


  • July 7, 8pm
  • August 11, 8pm
  • September 8, 8pm

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