As 2010 November Niner Filippo Candio ‘quits poker’, we look at the game’s other famous quitters

Nobody ever quits poker. Sure, many players threaten to leave the beautiful game behind but time and time again they come running back to the tournament circuit or allure of online cash games before anybody noticed they even left. The latest supposed quitter is 2010 WSOP Main Event November Niner Filippo Candio. The Italian finished 4th at poker’s greatest dance but became just as [in]famous for his excessive, banshee-like celebrations as his poker skill. 

Candio now says he’s stepping away from the game as a response to claims made on Italian TV that he would be facing charges of tax evasion. Candio denies all charges. Whether guilty or innocent on the tax front, feels that it’s about time Candio was punished in some way for this…. 

To celebrate Candio’s retirement from poker, here are three more famous poker pros that hung up the chips and cards for good (only to return months later and have incredible success!)… 

Shaun Deeb

Roly-poly tournament dynamo Shaun Deeb announced in 2009 that he was quitting poker tournaments due to burnout. He’s since gone on to cash in dozens of live tournaments, including a Big One for One Drop satellite win that was worth $1m. We’re glad he went back on his word just so that he could slowroll Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow in this comedy hand! 

David Benefield

‘Raptor’ was one of online poker’s biggest cash game winners for years before he went on a poker sabbatical to study Chinese, coach baseball and work on a number of businesses. Even while in semi-retirement he continued to dabble though, and sometimes very profitably, such as in last year’s WSOP Main Event where he made it all the way to 8th for a near-$1m score.

James Akenhead

2009 WSOP Main Event final tablist Akenhead quit the poker world to open up his own bar and restaurant in east London.  caught up with Akenhead for an exclusive interview earlier this year, which got some rave reviews online. If you missed the interview you can read it by CLICKING HERE


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