Snap Chat – Sam Holden

The poker world’s fastest interview, 140 characters max per answer…

PokerPlayer: What are you up to at this very moment?
Sam Holden: Listening to some music and going through emails after an awesome weekend away with friends.

PP: Are you having a good 2013 so far? What’s been the highlight?
SH: Had a fun 2013 but no big scores. Have travelled to Australia twice and playing a lot of online cash for first sustained period.

PP: Aus twice in five months is good going. Do you enjoy the travel side of your poker ‘fame’?
SH: Many online pros hate having to talk to people. I don’t hate much in life. ‘Poker fame’ is definitely a huge privilege and something to enjoy. Poker is a great excuse to see the world.

PP: You do exude a happy outlook on life. Do you think that’s a good image to have at the table?
SH:It’s not a persona, I’m happy to be there otherwise I’d do something else. People pay off angry players too.

PP: You’re sponsored by 888Poker. How does it feel being the second best pro on the team behind Shane Warne?
SH: Ha! Our last longer bets would say otherwise… it’s a great team and the new additions from last year’s WSOP are awesome guys too.

PP: Have you met Liz Hurley yet?
SH: Very briefly at Shane’s charity event. It was a great day until I lost heads-up to an ex-rugby league player.

PP: Let’s move on to more important matters. Dogs or cats?
SH: Neither.

PP: Steak or burgers?
SH: Both – I can’t stand bad steak though.

PP: Beer or wine?
SH: Both in moderation (spirits, gins and mojitos for excess).

PP: Pacino or de Niro?
SH: No idea – I don’t know anything about films

PP: What’s your favourite thing to do outside of grinding on 888?
SH: Cooking and eating good food and drink with good company. Watching sport and berating myself for not playing enough.

PP: Finally, which of these is more likely; shaving your curly hair? Reaching the WSOP final table again? Surviving an over from Warne?
All very unlikely. Guess I’ll back myself in the WSOP hoping that the other two never happen!

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