Top 5 Crap Lucky Charms

Poker might be a skill game but it doesn’t stop even the best players being superstitious…                                                            

1. Johnny Chan’s orange
The ten-time bracelet winner started keeping a ‘lucky’ orange in front of him at the tables because he hated the smell of smoke. No matter the reason it’s lame and makes Chan look like an extra from Hawaii Five-O.
2. Scotty Nguyen and his Michelob Ultra
Our beef with the ‘Prince’ is not that he drinks at the table. That’s cool. No, it’s that he chooses such a lifeless, limp, light beer when there are so many superior options. Oi Scott, have you never heard of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?!
3. Daniel Negreanu and the Rocky movies
Before every WSOP Kid Poker holes himself up in his trailer and watches all six Rocky movies to pump himself up. It’s a great idea but next year leave out Rocky V Daniel – it’s horrendous!
4. Dario Minieri and his Roma scarf
The eight-year-old poker prodigy is a superfan of Roma football club and always sports their purple and gold coloured scarf at the table. Ten points for trying Dario but you can’t pull it off like Francesco Totti does.
Dario Minieri
 5. Vladimir ‘beyne’ Geshkenbein’s monkey
PKR Pro ‘Beyne’ pops a little toy monkey on his chip stack for luck. It’s fitting because Beyne is prone to spewing off chips like a caffeine-addled PG Tips chimp. 
Beyne_ME_day_4_TWO_450x298 (3)

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