Frozen in time: First $1m pot

Back in the glory days of televised poker the biggest names in the game used to routinely butt heads with huge stacks.

In the aptly-named Million Dollar Cash game, sickos Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius were playing three-handed when the poker gods delivered an almighty cooler. Ivey raised preflop with A♣-2♦ and Dwan called with 6♥-7♥ to see the J♣-3♦-5♣ flop. Both players picked up a gutshot and they moved to the 4♥ turn that caused both David Tuchman and Robert Williamson to exclaim, ‘Oh my gosh!’ in unison. As expected, all the money went into the middle with Ivey drawing completely dead. ‘Wow, good hand,’ said Ivey as nonchalantly as if it was a $100 pot. ‘That’s not good,’ he added though, so you know he was hurting inside. The hand was worth an incredible $1,108,500 and is still the biggest televised pot in poker history.

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