Giveaway Weekend: Abusive behaviour

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Recent controversy was stirred up across social media after Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates berated one of his opponents online asking them to “die please, seriously”. We decided to pose the following question to the public:

Do you think this type of behaviour is allowed, or should online sites crackdown on chat box abuse? Where should the line be drawn?

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to the discussion.

The winners!

There weren’t many defending Jungleman’s behaviour, in fact there were none. Andy Sinha compared it to a football game: ‘It’s like the two footed tackle, intimidation! He’s trying to give himself an advantage next time’.

Kevan Lim clearly felt that poker websites should crackdown on such behaviour on a more regular occasion. ‘This is normal when players lose; sites are spineless when it comes to their rules. Ban players including Jungleman!’

Andy Longson was one to agree with Kevan and said, ‘They should set an example by punishing him – if the professionals can get away with it then anyone will think they can’.

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