Grand Prix 9 – the final leaderboard!

The final qualifier has been played and the results are in – have you made the top 20 of the leaderboard and won a seat to the grand final?

The Grand Prix 9 has been fantastic with all the qualifiers keenly contested  – not least the final one which saw around 50 people in with a shot of making the top 20. Play was cagey with some players knowing where they needed to finish to bag their seat, and others willing to gamble to get to the top.

For everyone not in with a shot of a leaderboard place, the only chance of making the grand final was by winning the qualifier outright. And in the end it came down to a struggle between PokerPlayer legend HillyTheFish and Slickgc. HillyTheFish had a big chip lead and got it in good against Slickgc’s flush draw only to see a heart come down on the turn and deny him victory. HillyTheFish was now a big dog but got it in good again as he mounted a comeback – A-K against A-10 only to see a Ten on the flop. 

What it means is that Slickgc joins the other nine qualifier winners (Aggromonkey, OQCpt, golly51, outdrawn, lester7777, BCR666, GHOP, wintonslick and brucieb0y), the winner of the Grand Prix 8 (stall3y12) and the top 20 players on the leaderboard below, to resume battle in the first ever Grand Prix online final for a share of the €5,800 prize pool. The tournament starts at 8pm on Wednesday June 18. Good luck to everyone involved!

Grand Prix 9 final, Wednesday June 18, 8pm

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Grand Prix 9 – the final leaderboard

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