Boeree Talks PokerStars Mobile

The EPT champ on what she loves about the new app

On February 14, 2012, poker changed forever. No longer did we have to be content with multitabling in our front rooms. No longer did we need a working laptop or computer just to fire up a quick sit-and-go. The future had arrived. It’s name… PokerStars Mobile.

The brand new app from poker’s megasite has revolutionised the concept of poker on-the-move, bringing some of PokerStars’ best features to the palm of your hand. From MTTs to multitabling, it’s all possible with PokerStars Mobile. And as the poker community gets to grips with the app, we caught up with EPT San Remo champ Liv Boeree to find out what she thinks it in an exclusive chat.

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So, Liv, what’s so great about PokerStars Mobile?

‘The thing I love the most is how easy it is to use. The client is so simple and clean-looking that it took just five minutes to learn how to use it comfortably. Also, it has everything the normal client has to offer so it’s not like you’re using a reduced version – you can play any and all of your usual tournament or cash game schedule if you choose to!’
There are other poker apps on the market, but what is it about PokerStars Mobile that puts it about the rest?

‘The fact that you can play REAL poker on a REAL money site! None of the other poker apps out there can compare to that. We all know that PokerStars is the biggest online poker site in the world, and the fact that this app gives you full access to this player pool puts it head and shoulders above the rest.’

How often have you been playing it?

‘Whenever I have my iPad on me. I’ve played it at the train station, at the airport, even in the garden!’

What’s the most obscure place you’ve fired up the app so far?

‘In my horse’s stable!’

Will it make a big difference to be able to practice your poker on the move, say when you’re travelling or even at the tables?

‘Yes, I travel all the time so being able to access the client and play tournaments I’d have missed is worth a lot to me.’

Will you have any free time left now you can play everywhere?

‘Haha, yes it is very important to have a work/life balance, even with the app making things easier to play. I value my free time very much and nothing will encroach on it.’

How have all the pros reacted since PokerStars Mobile hit the market?

‘My friends in the UK that have it are very impressed with the app. I can’t wait to see the reaction when it comes out worldwide.’
Did it ruin your Valentine’s Day  plans like all the others who downloaded it?

‘Well, fortunately my Valentine’s Day companion also plays a lot of poker so he was even happier than I was!’

With rumours of a brand new PokerStars format coming this week – Zoom
Poker – and the app now on the shelves (or app stores), it’s safe to say
the future’s bright for everyone over at poker’s biggest site. For more on PokerStars Mobile, click here

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