Buddhist Monks Caught Playing High Stakes Poker

Buddhist Monks busted for playing high stakes poker

Eight monks from South Korea’s largest Buddhist order have been caught playing high stakes poker at a luxury lakeside hotel.

Hidden cameras recorded the religious leaders from the Jogye Order drinking, smoking and playing but perhaps the most astounding part of the story is how much they were playing for.

During the 13 hour session, £543,000 was won and lost – the kind of sum not too dissimilar to that of high stakes games that we’re used to seeing in Macau and Las Vegas.

‘We deeply apologise for the behaviour of several monks in our order,’ said Jaseung, the head of the order. ‘The monks who have caused public concern are currently being investigated and will be punished according to Buddhist regulations as soon as the truth is verified by the prosecution.’

Check out the hidden camera footage here

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