Danny Tran wins PPUKT Grand Final

Danny Tran has been crowned as this year’s PPUKT Grand Final champion after he took down the £5,417 first-prize from the showcase event of the UK’s favourite amateur tour. The event which attracted the largest field of the entire season, saw 129 players descend upon the Vic casino in London all with dreams of claiming the PPUKT season finale.

The line-up featured some familiar faces, such as Simon Griffin who won the tour leg in Brighton and also Simon Tolly who won the Grand Final of the tour in Birmingham last year. There were even a few ‘pro’ players in the field including tournament circuit veteran Joe Grech.
But after an action-packed event of high-class poker it was Danny Tran and Gabriel Carter who were the last men standing. The two players each brought their own different playing styles and backgrounds to the table. Tran who already has a decent live pedigree with a £15k cash in the £300 monthly deepstack at Dusk Till Dawn under his belt, plus a number of four-figure wins is no stranger to the business-end of live tournies. Carter on the other hand is very new to the live scene, he is actually an online-pro who made the decision to skip university (he was going to study maths) after realising how much money he could make from poker.
After an intense battle between the pair, the final hand saw Tran raise his button before Carter made the call. The flop came Ks-Kc-Jc and Carter checked-called Tran’s bet. On a turn of 2d, Carter bet out and after dwelling for some time, Tran put him all-in. Carter thought for a while and called, turning over Qs-Jh only to see Tran flip over his Kd-3h for trip kings. The river was an 8d and improved neither players hands. Tran scooped the final pot and was declared the winner. 
A huge congratulations goes out to all this season’s winners and we look forward to seeing you all again next season!

Here is Final table results:

1. Danny Tran – £5,417
2. Gabriel Carter – £4,500
3. Lee South – £2,564
4. Jamie O’loughlin – £1,596
5. Mark Dillon – £1,258
6. Nicholas Walters – £968
7. Renee Xie – £774
8. Patrick Rowbottom – £580
9. Justin Brewer – £435
10. Charlie Morgan – £339


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