Dwan and Blom go head-to-head for $400k

Reigniting one of the biggest high-stakes, heads-up rivalries pre ‘Black Friday,’ Full Tilt has hosted a winner-takes-all grudge-match between Viktor Blom and Tom Dwan after the former challenged Dwan on Twitter last week.

Kicking-off last night at 8pm UK time, the limits were initially set at $50/$100 with a $100k buy-in, but it didn’t take long for the pair to double those stakes and both players quickly agreed to stump up $200k of their own money. Sitting down at four tables of $100/$200 No-limit Hold’em, the idea was that the match would continue until one of them had nothing left. 
The pair last locked horns three years ago in what has since become one of the most legendary heads-up encounters in online history and on that occasion Isildur1 walked away with more than $5 million of Dwan’s money. Yesterdays battle wasn’t quite to this scale but as well as a large amount of cash at stake, both players are currently experiencing losing runs and a win would go a long way to stopping the rot. In the end the match was swifter than many had expected, it took Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom just over two and a half hours and a mere 1,381 hands to defeat Dwan in a fairly one-sided affair. The two biggest pots of the evening, one for $104k and the other $71k were both won by Blom. The very last hand saw Dwan go all-in with his remaining $3.5k holding pocket tens, Blom called instantly with Ac-3c and an ace on the turn would win Blom the hand and the last of Durrrr’s $200k.
We’re sure it won’t be long before Dwan is back looking to avenge his latest loss to Blom, but for now the bragging rights remain with the young Swede. 
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