EPL numbers down

Epic Poker League attendance figures reduced

The second Epic Poker League event saw a large reduction in attendance, with only 97 players turning up to participate in the second main event of the season.

The somewhat lacklustre turnout could be due to a number of factors, but it is most likely reason is the event was scheduled on an already crowded week for the poker community.

Other events happening around the same time include EPT Barcelona and WPT Paris, not to mention the World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP). This is a strange choice of date by organisers Annie Duke and Jeffrey Pollack, and predictably many pros chose to give it a miss.

The first EPL main event ended in controversy when the million dollar winner, David ‘Chino’ Rheem, was accused of owing large sums of money to various players in rather unsavoury circumstances.

Rheem is currently defending his win in 6th place, while the chip lead is held by Jamie Kaplan.

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