First Multi Prize Pool Tournament A Success

MPP creator claims second place in inaugural event held at Dusk Till Dawn poker club

The first ever poker tournament to use the revolutionary new Multi Prize Pool (MPP) format has taken place at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn poker club and the creator, our very own Roberto Romanello, almost took down the inaugural event but had to settle for second place.
The beauty of MPP events is that it allows players to compete across a range of different buy-in levels giving players with smaller bankrolls the opportunity to sit down in bigger tournaments and go head-to-head with their idols, plus there’s the added incentive of much bigger prizepools and guarantees for everyone.
The first event which took place last weekend in Nottingham attracted a field of 177 players who each had the option of buying in for either £25, £50 or £100. As outlined in this recent article on players are only able to win the winners share from their specific prizepool.
In attendance at the inaugural event were Roberto Romanello himself, Sam Trickett and Simon Deadman (WPT Dublin winner) all of whom bought in for the maximum £100 buy-in along with 61 other players. This meant that each of these players, should they go on to win the whole event would be eligible to claim the winners share of all three prizepools. The guarantee was £5,000 but total total prizepool ended up exceeding £10,000 with first places as follows; P1 – £1192, P2 – £824 and P3 – £1024.
To give you an idea of how the different prize pools were divided, out of the 177 players registered, all were automatically entered into ‘Pool 1’ which boasted a prizepool of £4,425. ‘Pool 2’ held a £25 investment from 111 P2 and P3 players and had a prizepool total of £2,775. While there were 64 ‘Pool 3’ players in total who all had a separate £50 investment in the third prizepool and only these players were eligible for the final £3,200 pool. 
The first ever final table comprised of 3 x P1 players, 1 x P2 player and 4 x P3 players. In the end though it was P3 player, Brian Sheppard, who won the whole thing and collected all three prize pools, receiving £1,192 from P1, £824 from P2 and his additional £50 investment into P3 won him £1,024 for a grand total of £3,040!
Roberto Romanello scooped 2nd place in all 3 prize pools thanks to his £100 maximum buy-in, while third and fourth place claimed prize money from P1 only, leaving fifth place taking 5th from P1, and 3rd place in both P2 and P3 based on his P3 status. 

Here’s how the final table finished up: 

1. Brian Sheppard (P3) – £3,040.31
2. Roberto Romanello (P3) – £1,817.28
3. Tabassam Nadeem (P1) – £412.50
4. Wayne Hopkin (P1) – £288.75
5. Paul Grummitt (P3) – £965.21
6. Wayne Catchpole (P1) – £185.63
7. Tim Wright (P3) – £707.65
8. Philip Davis (P2) – £312.38

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