Nadal becomes latest PokerStars Pro

Tennis ace Rafa Nadal joins team PokerStars

Following in the footsteps of tennis legend Boris Becker, Spanish superstar Rafa Nadal has joined Team PokerStars.
A global star Nadal will bring the game to a whole new audience and he has been given the specific responsibility of promoting PokerStars new mobile app. 
Speaking about his new partnership, Rafa said “my friends know I’m naturally competitive, which has served me well in my tennis career, I’m hoping some of the skills I’ve developed on the court will help me improve my poker game”, (We’re sure a bit of coaching from the games greatest minds won’t hurt either).
PokerStars says that Nadal encapsulates many of the traits it sees in top pros such as aggression, competitiveness, yet ultimately gracious and sporting, and this combination should he be able to transfer it onto the felt could make him a world beater in the poker world too.
Alex Payne, Chief Marketing Officer of PokerStars, commented “it’s certainly good for the game: Rafa is a highly competitive athlete, a strategic player and known for his integrity both on and off the court. These qualities make him an ideal ambassador for PokerStars and a compelling spokesperson for the game. Rafa’s endorsement helps correct some of the misperceptions of the game, and emphasizes the great mix of entertainment and skill in poker when played responsibly.”
The new promotional campaign featuring Nadal starts this week, so expect to see his face a lot more over the coming months, you never know he might even make a guest appearance in a WCOOP event or two.

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