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Fox Sports bans Devilfish from TV
after promo stunt in Monte Carlo

They changed their mind on me. So I turned the tables on them

Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott is one face that’s unlikely to be facing Ivey in July for $60m after being banned from the Fox Sports Network (FSN) for his flashing antics at the Full Tilt Invitational in Monte Carlo.

Devilfish, the only Brit to have won both World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour titles, came third in the $120,000 Full Tilt Invitational in November, broadcast across the States and in the UK on Sky Sports 1. After getting knocked out he stood up to flash a sign that was strapped to his back – a promotional stunt that was not appreciated by the network.

A Fox spokesman said: ‘FSN has a policy that you cannot advertise dotcoms. He will not be on further FSN broadcasts.’

PokerPlayer caught up with Dave on the set of Poker Face – a short film he is too star in – at The Sportsman Casino, London, to hear the story straight from the fish’s mouth.

‘I’d stuck $120,000 in to advertise my site by having my logo on display and then they changed their mind on me. So I turned the tables on them.’

Poker Face, directed by John Hales, is due to hit the short film circuit this year

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