PokerStars TCOOP Sets Records

Turbo festival of poker ends in style with seven players from Main Event final table making six-figure scores

The turbo frenzy of online poker that is the PokerStars TCOOP has finished for another year but not before setting a slew of new records and crowning 50 new champions. As is the general tradition in these online poker series’, the Main Event was the climax of the festivities, with ‘frma1103’ from Sweden winning the top prize after only five hours and eleven minutes of play and with it a life-changing $326,880 pay package.
When heads-up play began finalists ‘kekim1’ and ‘frma1103′ where practically even in chips with 50 million each. With the blinds rising quickly there wasn’t much room for error. Then, after only seven hands between the pair sparks began to fly when ‘frma1103’ opened with a raise of 4 million from the button, ‘kekim1’ quickly moved all-in and was called instantly by ‘frma1103’. ‘Kekim1’ turned over Kd-Js only to see that ‘frma1103’ had Ad-Qd. The board came 3s-8s-5d, followed by Th, and finally a 4d. The board helped neither player and ‘frma1103′ with his ace-high scooped the winning pot. 5,060 players entered into the $700 buy-in Main Event and ‘frma1103’ was one of seven players who all made six-figure cashes thanks to a seven-way deal.
The weekend’s other big winner was ‘Jeremiade’ from Germany who won $382,812. It was the biggest cash prize awarded in the whole TCOOP and came in the $2,100 NL Hold’em High Roller event. 
But the final hurrah belonged to the $215 Supersonic Hyper-Turbo. The fiftieth and final event of this year’s TCOOP, attracted a field 3,749, lasted only two hours and 11 minutes and was won by ‘pierrott77’ from the United Arab Emirates for $124,077
Congratulations are also in order for ‘Tjepan’ from Denmark who claimed this year’s TCOOP Player of the Series and with it the Champion’s Trophy plus a 2014 PCA package.
It was a closely fought contest with the dane scoring 270 only 25 more than his nearest rival, fellow Scandinavian, ‘Tinas21’ from Norway. ‘Tjepan’ final-tabled two tournaments and cashed in 12 after playing in a ridiculous 46 out of 50 events. Second place finisher ‘Tinas21’ on the other hand played in only 28 events and received a 2013 SCOOP event ticket worth $5,200 for her efforts. Further prizes of SCOOP tickets were awarded to the next 48 players, totalling more than $7,500. 

The TCOOP 2013 in numbers 

5,060 – Main Event entrants
$3,364,900 – Main Event Prize pool
$24,036,531.74 – Total prize money awarded in all 50 events
240,321 – Total number of buy-ins
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