PokerStars to scrap "Regular" and "Fast" table format

Starting next week all tables players will have the choice of only one table speed

PokerStars has decided enough is enough and is scrapping its regular and fast speed tables. From the start of next week players will no longer be able to make the choice of what game speed they want to play.

Instead there will only be one option depending on the stake and format of game you are playing. The main goals of the new plan is to simplify PokerStars main lobby and to attract new players.

What does this mean for UK players

Currently, fast tables only allow 15 seconds to make a decision with the regular tables allowing you a more generous 30 seconds. But as of next week all tables will have a fixed time depending on the type of game and the limits you’re playing.

So far the only confirmed information that we have is that all Limit Hold’em players whatever stake or format of the game you are playing will now only be given 18 seconds to make those precious decisions.

The effects of these changes are hard to gauge until they are put into action and rest assured they will be welcomed by many who want the lobby to be simpler.

How will the changes effect your game, we want to know. If you’ve got something you want to say, get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter!

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