PokerPlayer Awards 2013: Best hands of the year

There’s been some awesome televised hands of poker this year and here are three absolute gems to look back on. Hopefully 2014 will throw up some that are just as entertaining…

3. Main Event madness – Yi Fang vs Jonathan Jaffe, 2013 WSOP Main Event

Ever want to know why the WSOP Main Event is the one poker tournament you must play? It’s because of people like Yi Fang. Deep in the Main Event he decides to call a four-bet with Q-T and gives Jonathan Jaffe a 2.8m chip gift. Let’s give credit to Yang though – he took the loss in very good, slightly manic spirits! 

2. Bodacious bluffer – Jake Cody vs Robert Mizrachi, 2013 PCA main event

We know Jake Cody is a fearless bluffing machine, but what happens when he tries an audacious move against Robert Mizrachi with only a few tables left in the PCA? We won’t spoil the result but rest assured, a lot (A LOT) of tanking, angst and head scratching ensues! 

1. Carter Gill’s sad face! – Carter Gill vs David Paredes, 2013 WSOP Main Event

‘All you need is a Queen’. Those immortal words were inevitably going to come and bite American pro Carter Gill. His A-T was looking pretty good for a 1m chip pot, until the brutal Queen hit the river.

In the words of Bart Simpson, if you pause the tape you can see the exact moment his heart breaks.

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