PokerPlayer Awards 2013: Most shocking moments

We’ve had a look at the greatest poker moments of 2013, but what are the most shocking? 

3. Vote Tony G – October 2013

Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga, not content with verbal sparring at the poker tables, has decided to get on his bike and run in the European Parliament elections next year as a candidate for the Lithuanian Liberal Party.

This is no joke; Tony G is taking his possible new role very seriously. ‘I think that Lithuanian politics needs new people and new blood and I want to change policy. I have been fortunate enough myself to be reasonably successful in my life and I have new ideas and hope to inspire others to come into politics too. I think I can bring a lot to the table with my experience in life and business.’ 

2. Chips please! – September 2013

And we’re sticking with politics (of sorts) for our second most shocking moment of the year. After Senator John McCain was caught playing poker during a crucial senate hearing, the no.2 officer at US Strategic Command decided to trump him.

Vice Admiral Tim Giardina has been suspended from active duty after it was alleged that he used counterfeit chips in a game of poker at a Western Iowa casino. Proof, if needed, that when the US military plays poker, it likes to stack the deck in its favour. 

1. D-Neg quits! – September 2013

A sensational headline, if not an entirely accurate one. The EPT Barcelona High Roller event was chugging along nicely when Daniel Negreanu fell foul of the first card off the deck rule. This states that, ‘A player must be at his or her seat when the dealer delivers the first card off of the deck in order to have a live hand.’

Negreanu was standing behind his seat when the dealer decided to muck his hand and he wasn’t happy. The floor was called, the decision upheld, and Negreanu sulk-open-shoved his entire stack in blind next hand. He was called by Timothy Adams, who had pocket Sevens and eliminated Kid Poker.

To make matters worse – for everyone else in the tournament – that wasn’t the end of him. After retiring to his room and eating some vegan food (possibly) he re- appeared, bought back in and came second for €263,800. Even when he loses, he wins. 

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