PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9: final results, plus a sneak peak at the Grand Prix 10!

Look out for the new PokerPlayer Grand Prix 10 next week!

The final of the PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 was played online for the first time last night, and with deep stacks the play was tight. Reigning champion, stall3y12, was knocked out in 11th place and when play got down to the final four it was a fascinating tussle, with three freeroll winners against a sole leaderboard qualifier.

Kevathallam and Slickgc won their way into the final by the skin of their teeth – Slickgc by winning the final freeroll, and Kevathallam by finishing 19th on the leaderboard thanks to a final table finish in the same tournament.

A tale of two sets

Slickgc eliminated Brucieboy in 4th to take a commanding chip lead when he flopped a set of Eights to crush Brucieboy’s top pair. He looked like he was going to take a stranglehold on the final when he got the money in good again, this time with Tens against lester7777’s Fours. A flopped Four was cruel and good enough to give lester7777 the lead.

Slickgc lost even more chips to lester7777 with K-10 against A-10 on a 10-A-8-Q-4flop, missing his flush and straight draws. He was then knocked out in a three-way all-in pot that saw Kevathallam suck out on the river. Slickgc had A-10, lester7777 had Jacks and Kevathallam was in bad shape with Fives. It was looking like lester7777 was going to win it there and then, and the 8-6-4 flop made him an even bigger favourite for the title. Unfortunately, an Ace on the turn swung the pot towards Slickgc before an incredible Five on the river eliminated Slickgc in third and gave Kevathallam the chip lead heads-up.

All the money went in shortly after, with lester7777’s Q-K no good against Kevathallam’s A-K. The A-10-A-2-5 meant it was nut flush against second nut flush in a fitting end to what’s been a fantastic Grand Prix.

The prizes

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We’re back and this time we’re on TV!

The good news is that you won’t have to wait long for the PokerPlayer Grand Prix 10. Check back on Monday for huge news as we unveil the brand new Grand Prix 10, with a bigger prize pool and a very exciting twist! There’s going to be £10,000 up for grabs this time and the final is going to be live and on TV! That’s right, win your way through to the final and you’ll be playing for serious cash on TV in front of the nation.

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