Top 5 2013 WSOP Main Event hands

Looking forward to the November Nine? Here’s our top five hands so far from this year’s WSOP Main Event

5) Phil Ivey vs Phil Mader

The great Phil Ivey check-raises the 4♠-7-Qflop with bottom set and bets big on the J turn to set up a river shove. The nutty Q river puts amateur farmer Phil Mader to the ultimate test with K-Q… 

4) Alexander Livingston vs Marvin Rettenmaier

A levelling war develops blind on blind that culminates when Livingston tank-calls Rettenmaier’s five-bet shove with Q-Q♣. Rettenmaier has pocket Kings the dealer provides the ‘fun’ runout… 

3) Mark Newhouse vs Chris Lindh vs Jamie Kaplan

All sorts of action on the 8♠-9♠-2♦ sees November Niner Newhouse make a very disciplined fold with his pocket Aces. Can Lindh profit from a speculative preflop call and a crazy flop shove? 

2) Carter Gill vs David Paredes 

We’ve tweeted this before, but it can’t be left out of this top five! We pick up the action on the turn with the board reading T♥-4-A♣-3♣ and Paredes has a decision to make. He’s told by his extremely comfortable opponent: ‘If you call, you need a Queen’. Oh the look on his face once the river drops… 

1) Yi Fang vs Jonathan Jaffe

Yi Fang takes the top spot with a crazy hand. He’s moved to the feature table reaches the table and immediately three-bets Jaffe with Q♣-T♣ declaring: ‘I’m stupid, crazy and LUCKY!’ After calling the four-bet from Jaffe’s pocket Aces and flopping top pair, he’s going nowhere! ‘I love lady, lady coming.’ Is it…? 


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