$ 10,000 World Championship Omaha Hi-Lo

High stakes pro Daniel Alaei captures his second bracelet

1. Daniel Alaei, USA, $ 445,898
2. Scott Clements, USA, $ 275,946

3. Ben Boyd, USA, $ 182,730

4. Daniel Negreanu, USA, $ 130,401
5. John Monnette, USA, $ 97,422
6. Gregory Jamison, USA, $ 77,736
7. Thomas Koral, USA, $ 65,453

8. Annie Duke, USA, $ 58,049

9. Yueqi Zhu, USA, $ 54,179

Chalk another one up for the pros. High Stakes Poker veteran Daniel Alaei has claimed his second WSOP bracelet after beating a stellar final table in the $ 10,000 World Championship Omaha Hi/Lo 8-or-better.

Alaei certainly didn’t have it easy as the field of 179 included almost all of the poker world’s big names, who regularly play Omaha Hi-Lo in high stakes cash games. The final table saw recent WSOP runner-up Daniel Negreanu and Apprentice USA star Annie Duke finish in 4th and 8th, respectively.

Though Alaei never courts the spotlight he is immensely respected in poker circles as one of the best all-round cash game players in the world. In a recent interview with Phil Laak the ‘Unabomber’ singled Alaei out for praise, stating that Alaei is the “most underrated guy in High Stakes Poker history…and has sick reads on people”. He picks up $ 445,898 along with a second WSOP bracelet for the win.  

We should also spare a thought for Daniel Negreanu who, while having a fantastic WSOP, just can’t seem to get over the finishing line and win his fifth bracelet. Maybe he’s saving all his final table luck for the Main Event… 

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