Day One complete in WSOP Main Event

A total of 6494 players entered this year’s WSOP Main Event, the winner pocketing just over $8.5 million

The final starting day of the 2009 WSOP Main Event (Day 1d) was a complete sell out. In fact 2809 (109 more than the official 2700 capacity) players took their seats for the last of the four starting days. The final day is always the most popular starting day and some players were actually turned away once capacity was reached. As such this meant that at 6494 runners the 2009 Main Event saw a decrease of 350 runners from 2008. However, despite this drop every member of the November Nine will become a dollar millionaire (in 2008 9th place finisher Craig Marquis recieved $ 900,670).

The payouts for the final nine have been flattend somewhat though as the winner will pocket $ 8,546,435 in comparison to Peter Eastgate’s $9,152,416. A total of 648 players will be paid and of the 4,398 players who remain there are still 13 former WSOP Main Event Champions dreaming of a repeat including Phil Hellmuth and Peter Eastgate.

Notables with a healthy chip stack include Jeff Lisandro, Jason Alexander and Alex Kravchenko. Day 2a will commence on the 7th July and Day2b will follow on the 8th July before a rest day on the 9th July.

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