Look after your poker winnings

If you’re playing lots of poker (and hopefully winning!) it’s a good idea to start managing your finances and keeping your bankroll separate from your day-to-day money. That way you can keep a clear track of whether you’re up and down, and treat yourself every time you have a decent win. NETELLER is an eWallet that gives you an easy way of doing this, plus other great features which makes it perfect for poker players. 

For a start, if you play poker at different sites, having a NETELLER account means that you don’t have to fill out your card details every time you want to make a transaction – you can pay via your NETELLER account with just a few clicks. Getting a NETELLER eWallet is free and you can deposit funds into your NETELLER account using a range of deposit methods including bank account transfers, credit or debit cards. It’s also a really safe and secure way to manage money online.

Another cool thing about NETELLER is that you can get a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® which links directly to your account and works similarly to a debit card.  You can use a Net+ card to withdraw your winnings from your NETELLER account at cash machines, and make purchases online, and in person, all over the world.

 A lot of pro poker players use their NETELLER account to keep their poker money separate from other cash. If you travel to live events, you can use your Net+ card to pay for flights, accommodation and anything else you might need while you’re there.

NETELLER also has a VIP program for high-rollers and offers cash-back incentives. The Reward Points program is another perk and it is available to everyone, not just VIPs.  You can spend NETELLER Reward Points in the Reward Points store or redeem them for cash.

NETELLER sometimes runs promotions which are especially for poker players, like discounts on buy-ins for some of the world’s best tournaments. They also feature deals on their Showcase page where you can get deposit bonuses at top poker sites.

These things make NETELLER a smart choice for you if you love playing poker.

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