Poker Player profiles: Patrik Antonius

Poker Player showcases player profiles with Patrik Antonius

Although only the second best looking player in poker behind my good self, formidable Finn Patrik Antonius is more than just a chiselled face and has quickly become one of poker’s most celebrated players. Initially an online prodigy with an aptitude for limit and heads-up play, Patrik became equally potent live when he came third in the 2005 Barcelona EPT before winning EPT Baden just a few weeks later.

A former tennis player and coach from Helsinki, a back injury forced early retirement and a sudden interest in poker where he was taken under the wing of singing Dutchman Marcel Luske. But even Luske couldn’t have predicted what was to come: three WSOP finals, $2.8 million in tournament winnings, multiple televised appearances and a billion screaming female fans putting Antonius on par with the very best in the game.

If I hadn’t seen him breathe, I would swear he was a puppet, his cool, calm demeanour combined with his calculated, incredibly consistent style making him one of the hardest nuts to crack. At just 27, Patrik is wise beyond his years and surely destined to add a horde of silverware to an already heaving trophy cabinet. The future’s bright, the future’s Antonius.

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