Poker Player profiles the World’s best: Kara Scott

In a new feature, PokerPlayer showcases player profiles. This time its Kara Scott

If someone tells you “Kara’s a connoisseur of Muay Thai”, don’t assume she’s an expert in consuming exuberant cocktails like I did. In fact, they will no doubt be referring to her kickboxing prowess having competed in her home town of Alberta, Canada before presenting Channel Five martial arts show ‘Now is the Time: Night of Combat’.

After two series of the World Series of Backgammon, Kara was lured over by the shuffle of cards and quickly accrued a CV that would make Bruce Forsyth look inexperienced. After shining on Poker Night Live and Sky Poker, she was quickly snapped up by PokerStars where she currently works as their acclaimed EPT host.

Now a proud resident of Brighton, Kara has proved her worth at the poker table and shook off the ‘celebrity player’ label with a triumphant performance in the Party Poker Sports Stars Challenge for £26,000 before recently finishing 104th in the 2008 WSOP Main Event for $41,816.

Having written for multiple publications (including PokerPlayer), presented podcast ‘On The Rail’ and even starred in hit film Sucker Punch, Kara is a true Jack (or Jackie) of all trades and a genuine catch for any dashing young men on the lookout. Just don’t cheat on her, or she’ll deck ya!

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