Rupert Elder: “I’ll be back before long”

We have a chat with EPT San Remo winner and UK pro Rupert Elder in the world’s fastest interview, a maximum of only 140 characters per answer!

PokerPlayer: So why did you oversleep until 2.30pm and miss the start of this interview Rupert?
Rupert Elder: I stayed up watching American MasterChef…it’s very addictive, in season 3 there’s a blind woman cooking. She’s good! 

Great answer. You’re hugely into your food but what is your favourite meal and why?
I’m fortunate enough to have been to some of the best restaurants in the world, but I don’t think anywhere beats some home cooking from my Mum. 

Aww! What’s this rumour that you have retired from poker? Is it true?
I’m taking an extended break. I was getting pretty stressed and realised that I needed to do some things that weren’t poker. 

Will you be back?
I’ll be back before long. I just wasn’t very good at time management and finding a balance. For me it was just poker poker poker. 

So what was it like winning an EPT for nearly €1m?
Incredible. It felt anticlimactic at first – I was in shock. I spent the next week Googling photos of myself. I’m vain like that. 

Ha! Is it stressful knowing you may never win anything like that again?
Not really, it was a great thing to happen and I’m content with that. 

Your girlfriend is fellow pro Melanie Weisner. Who is better at a) poker b) FIFA 2014 c) eating desserts?
She’s better at live poker, I’m better online. She has amazing patience and picks up on all details. 

And the other questions?
I’d fancy my chances against her at FIFA but when it comes to any sort of food she would defeat me big time. 

So, Rupert Elder, do you respect your elders?
Yeah I do! My dad has a business selling farm weighing equipment, my Mum translates for the Home Office and my sister is completing a Cambridge PhD. 

If you and Mel were a poker playing tag team what would you be called?
The Muffins. Combining an English and American muffin as well as our love for food! 

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