Snap chat: James Hartigan talks poker movies and vodka

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PokerPlayer: You travel all around the world working for EPT Live – what’s your favourite location?
James Hartigan: I like going to new places. Vienna was awesome and I’m really looking forward to Malta next March.

You’ve worked with Stapes for years now and survived. What’s your secret?

Your, ‘They think it’s all over…it is now!’ moment must be when Vicky Coren won her second EPT. Have you ever seen anything like that before?
It’s definitely the biggest moment I’ve witnessed/commentated on. THAT line [‘It’s a brick, it’s a brick!’] will follow me forever.

You’re a huge film geek. But why are poker films always so terrible?
Not true. Rounders? The Cincinnati Kid? Also, [Neil] Channing’s right: The Hustler is a great ‘poker’ movie.

We stand corrected. Are you excited about the Rounders sequel?
No. Rounders tells a complete story. It doesn’t require another chapter. My expectations are low.

Which player do you enjoy commentating on the most?
Artem Litvinov and his  random raises and kick-ass karate moves. What more does a poker TV show need?

Do you get frustrated when players don’t talk at the table?
They’re welcome to talk or stay silent. All I ask is that they act quickly. And, ideally, don’t play heads-up for EIGHT hours!

Last question. Would you rather:
a) Watch a Runner Runner/Lucky You marathon
b) Get locked in a lift with Stapes (with no vodka).
This sounds like one of Joe’s race situations. Option b) has the SLIGHT statistical advantage.

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