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What have you been up to and are you excited about EPT London?
Joe Stapleton: I’ve been looking for love in the wrong places and hiding my insecurities with bad jokes. EPT London should be pretty amaze – live commentary every day.

The last EPT was in sunny Barcelona, with beautiful weather, beaches and women. London has terrible weather, drunk women and no beach.
Barcelona’s a fun place to visit, but I love living in London. The women drink enough to make me seem funny and attractive.

You’ve spent countless hours watching the best poker pros in the world but why do we never see Stapes on the felt?
I don’t play more because I don’t have the head, the heart or the stomach for it. I’m the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and Dorothy all in one.

Which players do you like commentating on the most?
Daniel Negreanu’s a joy because he tries to make the game fun and Vanessa Selbst is great because she’s so crazy.

Daniel is great for the game but when he does things like Barca High Roller-gate (see p10) are you amused or appalled?
I’m mostly amused. When everyone’s on their best behaviour and playing optimal poker it’s not very entertaining.

How do you mean?
We all started watching poker for the characters. It’s like wrestling for grown ups. I’m happy for anything out of the ordinary to happen.

By some miracle you enter an EPT and win it. Who would you like to commentate on your historic victory?
I gotta go with someone who can give it to me as good as I have been giving it the past few years – Norman Chad.

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