Snap Chat – Kara Scott

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PokerPlayer: How is your summer going? What are you up to?

Kara Scott: I’m in Vegas playing some WSOP events for Party Poker before I do reporter duties for the Main Event on ESPN. And having lots of fun.

PP: You moved to Italy and got engaged recently – congrats! How is Italia treating you?

KS: Thanks! I love Italy! The people, the food, the way it smells, the buildings – all of it! I’m trying to learn Italian (slowly).

PP: How big of a reason for the move was the Italians being AWFUL at poker?

KS: Ha! Italy has actually been good for my game. I’m learning a lot from some of the players there. They still love the game – that’s refreshing.

PP: You’re now very famous…but do you miss the glory days working with Nick Wealthall on UK TV?!

KS: I miss Nick pretty much all the time. He’s the best. Working on Poker Night Live was some of the most fun I’ve had in poker.

PP: You are a Party Poker pro, but if you had to invite five poker people to your own party who would they be?

KS: That’s so tough! My friend @maridu & my fiancé @gioriz84 for sure. Then some of the media who share my nerdy love of nerdy things. My idea of a party is less crazy that most!

PP: OK, food. Pizza or pasta?

KS: Pasta!!! I could eat it every day for every meal. The only person who makes it better than my mom @ellenspot is Gio. I can eat ½ kilo in one sitting!

PP: Brighton pier or Bellagio fountains?

KS: Brighton pier. Every time.

PP: What gets you more angry: being called American? (She’s Canadian – Ed) Headlines that say ‘Great Scott’? Or bad pasta?

KS: I love Great Scott – it’s the ‘Party Girl’ headlines that make me roll my eyes. Bad pasta makes me sad and I can understand the American thing.

PP: Win a WSOP bracelet or a BAFTA?

KS: Damn. I’d love a BAFTA. If there were no money attached to either I’d say BAFTA but I’d be crazy to turn down bracelet money.

PP: What do you think of former Party Poker pro Tony G?

KS: He’s a special snowflake.
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