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What’s happening Matt? Still celebrating your kick-ass WSOP?
Matt Ashton: I’m good, just settling in to Vancouver and getting ready to start putting in hours online again.
Why Canada? What’s wrong with lovely Liverpool!?
MA: I want to try living in new places and now seems like the best time to do it.
Are you in a house with a ton of other poker pros?
MA: Yeah, it’s good for me to live around other players. It keeps me motivated.
How has life changed for you since you won your WSOP bracelet? And are you wearing it now?
MA: It hasn’t changed my motivation, my goal is still to become one of the best online players. I didn’t bring it with me!
That’s a shame, it would look good on nights out. How far away are you from being one of the best?
MA: I’m not so flashy! There are maybe ten players I’d sit out against at HU 8-game mix because I wasn’t sure if I had an edge.
Go on, give us a few names… 
MA: No names but a couple of guys from Sweden, Russia and Finland. And then there are people like Ivey, Isildur and Galfond who I’ve only played a little but I imagine they are better than me.
You’re a master of mixed games but which is your fave: pick ‘n’ mix, Little Mix or a Wetherspoon mixed grill?
MA: What is Little Mix? I LOVE the other two. I always order food which has the biggest variety so mixed grill.
Little Mix are 2011 X-Factor winners, don’t pretend you don’t know…how did you celebrate your Vegas win? 
MA: I went interrailing with some friends. One night in Munich I downed a litre of beer and woke up in a random hotel room. I couldn’t remember anything.
Favourite film, band and food?
MA: Good Will Hunting, Foo Fighters and Japanese.
If you had to be marooned on a desert island with two poker players for a year who would they be and why?
MA: Tough one! Bill Chen, as I would never get bored picking his mind and one of the WPT hosts.
Mike Sexton!??!?!
MA: No, one of the Royal Flush girls! To keep me entertained.
You lost to Mike Matusow HU this summer. How annoying is he?
MA: I can see why Mike is annoying to a lot of people, I just find him funny. He’s a good character for the game.
You’re too nice… Thanks Matt!
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