Snapchat: Kristy Arnett on Phil Ivey, yoga and Spearmint Rhino

PokerPlayer: How’s it going Kristy? We last saw you at the PCA.
Kristy Arnett: It’s going well! The PCA was so much fun. It was my 6th time! I’m like the college kid who won’t graduate and keeps coming to the parties. 

Ha! Are you happy being on your side of the fence rather than playing? 
I love my job, however, I do always have an itch to play.

You’re hugely into fitness and health now. How can you hang around the poker world and not just scream at chubby players all the time?! 
I would never! When it comes to health/fitness, people have to want it for themselves. All I can do is lead by example and help when asked. 

The poker world seems to be taking fitness more seriously. As an expert, which poker player is in the best shape? 
Jason Koon. He does backflips off everything, and I’d say at any given time he has protein in a pocket somewhere on him. 

You’re into yoga – if you could convert one poker player to yoga who would it be? 
I sure wouldn’t mind seeing Liv Boeree in a downward dog, so I’ll pick her!   

So you’ve interviewed everyone. Who are your top 3 faves to interview?

  1. Daniel Negreanu 
  2. Jason Mercier 
  3. Maria Ho

They always say yes, are so outgoing, and everyone wants to watch! 

And which 3 players are the most difficult? No sitting on the fence…

  1. Phil Ivey – He doesn’t do them. 
  2. Phil Laak – He’s so smart, his brain moves faster than his words.
  3. Tom Dwan – It’s hard for me because I get nervous. I get critiqued by a million poker forum people every time. 

What’s the most embarrassing tactic you’ve used to get Ivey to talk?
Five years ago I left the club at Bellagio pretty drunk and ran into him in the poker room. I asked him for an interview, haha. 

We’re sure he was amused…
He smiled and said, ‘Sure’. It didn’t happen. Then I went to Spearmint Rhino to meet friends. Oh man, funny night.

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