Snapchat! Lex Veldhuis on being Supernova Elite, Breaking Bad and that crazy WSOP bluff

PokerPlayer: Happy holidays! What did you get up to?
Lex Veldhuis: Holidays were great. I didn’t plan much so just relaxed with family. Mostly just caught up on sleep and enjoyed the couch. 

Sounds good. Congrats on making Supernova Elite on PokerStars! Was that a big goal for you?
I’ve always wanted to make it and I’ve been going back to playing online this year so it felt like the right time. 

Give us an idea of the amount of grinding you need to do to make Supernova Elite…
If you play mid-stakes PLO you’d have to play five or six hours a day, five to six days per week. It’s a pretty normal week if you look at it that way.

People first got to know you at the 2009 WSOP with a bluff that now has 100,000 hits on YouTube! [] 
Haha that’s pretty crazy! I think [having that image] should be a good thing cause now I’ll always get paid off but it has made live poker a lot more boring. 

What was better: knocking out ElkY in your kickboxing match or being made a Stars pro? 
Becoming a PokerStars Team pro is the best thing that has happened in my professional life, while training for the ElkY fight is the best in my personal life.

OK, you must choose only one of these: Breaking Bad, The Sopranos or The Wire. Which do you choose?
I wanna dodge this one so bad but I’m choosing Breaking Bad. I love each show for different reasons. What a nasty question!

Will Holland win the World Cup this year? If not, who? 
I don’t think so but we have some really good young players. My outside bet is Belgium, they will surprise people and do well. 

You work a lot with Fatima Moreira de Melo on EPT Live – is she as cool as she seems?
She is exactly the person you think she is. Can’t think of anyone who is more like themselves in media as much as she is. 

If you could win the World Cup with Holland, win a UFC title or win a WSOP bracelet which would it be?
This is stupidly hard! But I’d rank it WSOP/UFC/WC. I love poker the most!

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