Ask Willie

Does part of your poker game need fixing? Willie Tann can help

How good would it be if you had your own poker mentor on tap?

Ah, you say, but wouldn’t that cost a fortune? Well, don’t worry about the cost, just rest assured that the holes in your game can now be plugged. We’ve enlisted the help of WSOP bracelet winner and all-round poker guru Willie Tann, aka ‘Mr Miyagi’.

He’ll be turning his considerable wisdom and half a century of poker experience to sorting out your problems.

Please drop your poker questions to and he will try to answer as many of them as he can in the mag.


Enter any major cardroom in Europe, mention Willie Tann and chances are that the players will have their own story about how Willie outplayed them in a pot, or how he came back from the dead to win an entire tournament. In 2004, he was crowned European No.1 after making an incredible 13 final tables. And among other World Series successes, he took down last year’s $1,000 no-limit hold’em event.

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