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It might be the same game, played with the same rules, but live poker is a different animal to online. When you’re sitting at a table with real people, face-to-face, there are different dynamics in play and it’s important to fine-tune your game to ensure you give yourself the best chance of winning.

CrushLivePoker is the only training site exclusively made to help you beat live cash games. Mainly concentrating on no-limit hold’em CrushLivePoker features weekly podcasts, live training videos with hole cards and strategy articles. It’s a fact that most recreational players fall into consistent patterns and CrushLivePoker draws upon the decades of experience from the resident coaches to explain how to exploit these tendencies in a clear, concise manner.

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The CrushLivePoker coaches

Bart Hanson

Professional Cash game trainer Bart Hanson has been producing strategy content for over seven years. He first started on Pokerroad back in 2007, moved to Deuces Cracked and has been producing a weekly poker strategy podcast ever since.

Bart has commentated on several network poker shows including WSOP final tables and is the regular co-host of ‘Live at the Bike.’ He has observed and analyzed more poker hands than anyone else in the poker industry. He has also made four WSOP final tables.

Abe ‘Limon’

Long time pro and author of the epic 2+2 thread regarding live poker, Abe ‘Limon’ has been beating up on the live poker scene since before the Moneymaker boom. Not only is he an expert on PLO, hold ’em and all things card related but he is also the consummate professional gambler.

He talks about his life and the daily ‘golf and beer’ grind on his weekly podcast ‘The Limon Show.’

David Tuchman

David Tuchman has been consistently beating up on the $5–$5 and $5–10 NL games in Los Angeles for the past ten years. His ability to put players on ‘tilt’ is second to none.

David also is the lead commentator for the’s webcasts of WSOP final tables. Along with co-hosting ‘Live at the Bike’ David has commentated on more hands than anyone in the entire industry.

David Chan

David Chan started playing poker at the $3/5NL $200 cap games with a $5K bankroll back in 2007. He grinded his way up to $5/10 NL and $10/20 NL uncapped full-time from January 2009 through the present.
‘David C’ still crushes the regular live no limit games at $5/10 and up in Los David is a regular winning player who became known for his well-executed big bluffs and savvy LAG play on the popular ‘Live at the Bike!’ cash game.

Don ‘Aesah’ Ding

Don “Aesah” Ding has an intense passion for poker and plays live daily. He has logged thousands of hours at varying stakes in venues all over the US with outstanding results.
Don is the author of one of the most popular threads in 2+2 history: ‘Just quit my 6 figure job to play live poker.’ He is the resident coach and expert in PLO on CrushLivePoker and produces live PLO training videos.

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