Switch off from poker and improve your game

When it comes to online casino games, there’s no doubt that poker is one of the most mentally demanding games out there.

If you’re not concentrating and ‘on the ball’ during a poker game, you’ll soon have your money taken away from you by a sharper player.

The cards that you are dealt will certainly influence the outcome of your game, but whatever hand you have, you need to play to the best of your ability to have a chance of winning the game. If the other players who’ve drawn up a chair opposite you at the virtual poker table are more alert than you, you could easily be beaten.

That’s why it’s a good strategy to give yourself breaks in between different games of poker. If you play a number of games without a break, your concentration is bound to slip. You would be more likely to make mistakes due to playing fatigue or to make a different decision than if you were fresh to the game.

At these times, it’s useful to have some other gaming options to hand when you need to switch out of poker mode for a bit. Of course, most poker sites such as Coral or 888 poker also have other casino games on offer, but when you want to remove completely the temptation of being drawn back into poker, consider switching to a site that doesn’t have poker games. At bgo online casino for example, there’s a great choice of different table games and slots, as well as bingo games, but – currently, at least – no poker.

Playing at bgo, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained, and if you’ve not joined the site before now, there’s a welcome bonus of up to £200 to take advantage of, as well as 180 free spins on one of the most popular slots – Starburst.

Slots are a great choice when you want a game that’s easy to zone out with, but still gives you the chance of winning some major cash prizes. There’s nothing complicated about playing a slot such as Starburst or Monopoly Dream Life; you simply choose the amount you want to bet and press Spin. Whether you win or not has nothing to do with how you play – the games’ outcomes are dependent on the RNG (random number generator) systems in the software.

And you don’t necessarily need to place real money bets either. Most casino gaming sites make it possible for players to switch to demo mode, which is where the bets you place are virtual ones. Of course, the big advantage to this is that you get the entertainment of the games, without any real financial risk. However, if you did have a win, you’d be kicking yourself that you were only playing in demo mode!

Taking a break from poker will allow you to switch off for a while and when you go back to it, you should notice that you’ll feel fresh to the game and that your decision-making will be much sharper than if you had been sitting there playing for hours on end.

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