Camp Hellmuth: Part 1

Need to raise your game? You’d better head
west, soldier! Rick Dacey drops and gives
Hellmuth 20 at the Brat’s boot camp in Vegas

Okay, so you’ve read the best strategy books and watched all the instructional DVDs, but there’s only one way to get truly world class advice – straight from the horse’s mouth. And who better to impart their poker wisdom than nine-time WSOP winner Phil Hellmuth?

Welcome to Camp Hellmuth – a two-day smorgasbord of poker seminars and tournaments, which brings you face-to-face with some of the best players in the world who spill their poker beans for your delectation. And if that’s not enough, the FBI’s top interviewer also gives a lecture on how to spot when someone’s hot or not.

But it’s not just about the poker – Camp Hellmuth offers the full Vegas experience. To kick off the weekend, there’s an opening night party held at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge where, as if the free bar isn’t enticing enough, the host is none other than Cindy Margolis – the most downloaded woman on the Internet. Get in!

Okay, so you want in. We don’t blame you. Even at a cost of $2,000 it’s a bargain for the close-quarters access you get to poker legends such as Hellmuth, TJ Cloutier and John Bonetti, and young upstarts Scott Fischman, Thomas ‘Thunder’ Keller and Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari.

But before you sell your right kidney and tell your partner you’ve got a ‘team-building weekend in the lake district’ to go to, read on. Because we’ve taken the notes, stolen the secret files and over the next two issues, before we self destruct, we’re going to give you the cream of the crop for free. If it’s the party you’re after, and a slice of Cindy Margolis, we can’t help you – you’ll just have to cough up the dosh yourself…


Retired FBI agent Joe Navarro reveals the secrets of reading your opponents, while TJ Cloutier delivers his ultimate tournament strategy

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