Camp Hellmuth: Part 2

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro reads Rick Dacey like a book, and T.J. Cloutier’s top tactics

If you see a slight flaring of their nostril it’s a sure thing that they’re getting ready to bet or raise

I am the wolf and I prey on the sheep of the table. I lunge at the cowering feeble woollycoated players around the $55 sit-and-go table with rags in my hand and steel in my heart.

It’s the hyper-aggressive style of poker that Antonio Esfandiari taught on day one of Camp Hellmuth and it pays out with two $250 first place finishes at Aladdin’s Casino later that day.

But the problem is, how are you supposed to know when the sheep are going to stand on their hind legs and launch a couple of pocket rockets down your slathering maw?

Liar, liar

It’s an issue so important at the poker table that even’s standard bearer, Phil Hellmuth, steps to one side. When it’s time for the big guns you can’t do much better than calling in the FBI (well, there’s always Chuck Norris but he was too busy kicking bad guys and looking manly).

Joe Navarro, a special agent with the FBI for 25 years, developed his skills as a human lie detector while working in the bureau’s Behavioural Analysis Program, and is a master of working out when someone is lying. Navarro will know if you’re bullshitting, whether you’re a terrorist claiming that you hadn’t gotten around to the landing part of flight school yet, or if you’re falsely representing a flush at the baize.

Quite frankly, he’s a terrifying proposition, which makes his second day seminar an absolute must. Even the pros turn up with notepads as Navarro crams a quarter-century of FBI experience into a 90-minute seminar in Caesars Palace’s plush conference centre. And in turn we’re squeezing the juice of that into PokerPlayer.

It might not turn you into 24’s Jack Bauer overnight but it will help you realise the embarrassing amount of information that you’re spewing out and capitalise on the tells others have. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, then six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner T.J. Cloutier follows up with a tournament masterclass. Bring it on!

Fancy a shot at Hellmuth himself?

Phil Hellmuth plays his poker on, and if you reckon you can take the Poker Brat down a peg or two in a big tournament you can try and qualify for the 2006 Ultimate Poker Aruba Classic. If you’re one of the fi rst 150 players to win your seat, you’ll automatically qualify for the Ultimate Aruba Freeroll. And if you win this, you’ll be given a spot on Team Ultimate Poker for 2007, which will get you free entry into the following events:

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